Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not for the faint of stomach!

Yesterday Priya was playing happily in her crib after her morning nap. When I went in to get her, this is what I found! What you can't see is the poo on the crib wall as well as all over the bumper pad! Yum! :P


D and S Heaton said...

Ok, this calls for a little music.
Check out Poopy Pants by Barking Gorillas. Google it up. Buy it if you like it.
Dad Heaton
Helpful hint to the Mom. Less fiber!

Malea said...

Bree, that is sick and HILARIOUS. Some days I'm ok with not being a mom yet. :)

Thanks for posting such fun stuff. I love keeping up with Priya. I want to see a pic of her beautiful mom sometimes, too!

Aud Pod said...

That was AWESOME! Brought back lots of memories - some not as long ago as you'd think! Isn't baby laundry fun?!?!?!?

Casey Brianne said...

Ew nasty!!! Glad her bowels have cleared out though!