Thursday, December 11, 2008

To my dearest little angel...

A few weeks ago at the Christmas concert/devotional hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we had our own little angelic choir sing to us. Remember that? It was beautiful. We had rushed to the church building to join Daddy who was there setting up for the broadcast and they were running into some technical problems. As the minutes passed and it looked like the problem wasn't going to be resolved any time soon, I opened a hymn book and began singing very softly a few Christmas carols. Well, before long several little children sitting in the row in front of us had turned around and opened their books to join us. Song after song we sang... I'm sure it was at least half a dozen... and you, my squirmy little girl, sat still... listening. Occasionally I think you would chime in with a few sounds, but above all, you listened - an amazing feat for you these days!! It truly was beautiful, sitting there singing with these children as you sat listening to songs about your Saviors birth.

I am sure that you were one of those angels singing to welcome Our King, the Prince of Peace to His mortal existence. I'm sure your face glowed with love for your Eldest Brother as you saw Him join his earthly family in preparation for the ultimate sacrifice - a sacrifice that would lead to the salvation of all mankind and pave the road for all to follow in order to once again go back Home. I'm sure you smiled your joyful smile and your eyes sparkled with glee as you sang praises to the King.

I love you, my princess... the daughter of a Heavenly King and an angel in our lives-
Love, Mom