Sunday, April 30, 2006

Time and Money! ;)

Well, things MUST have been busy lately cuz neither myself nor several of my close blogging associates have had any new posts in QUITE some time! I haven't checked out on Blue Adagio, but I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't either! I guess time just flies when you're having fun! Ha ............. HA!....... I'm so funny ;) But don't you fret! There's a lot of stuff to announce and comment on - Like, maybe, the fact that JOE GOT A JOB!! Here in Utah even, so we
don't have to worry about moving for another few years at least! Yeah for us! But there's more to say on that subject - pros, cons and ...well, just other stuff :) But more later. For now, it is off to bed! I am SO exhausted, even after a couple hour nap today! So sweet dreams, may all of your wildest dreams come true....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You know that new haircut feeling? You know - the one where it feels like everything is right in the world and it's all because you've got AMAZING hair? Ok, so I know it sounds a little vain, but I am seriously high off of the haircut I got today! Maybe it's just because I haven't gotten it cut professionaly for a really long time or maybe because I now have about a zillion colors in my hair again, which makes me feel cool, even if I don't always look it. I mean, come on! If you've got cool colored hair, even if you spill food all down your shirt and have your pants on backwards at least you can say - HEY! At least I have GREAT hair! And since I don't have a picture, you'll all just have to take my word that I look FANTASTIC! Or... at least better than I did when I woke up this morning ;)

Monday, April 24, 2006


So... my house is a crazy disaster (well, everything my husband hasn't already cleaned and or organized), he and I both have 2 more finals, we're having a BIG party outside Friday, our parents are coming and it might RAIN!! AHH!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and as a side note, I'm not even sure my cap and gown are even going to be available because there might be a mess up with the order. No problem though, right? It's all cool!

So Yesterday though, I think someone slipped me a special "Drop-it-all" Drug! Honestly! Thank goodness for family otherwise we would have been eating dinner off the floor instead of the table! (oh wait... we kind of did....)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Photography!

I've decided to start spreading the word that I'd really like to get some more experience with photography and therefore am willing to take pictures for FREE! Well, ok, not QUITE free, but only because I only have a good film camera and film doesn't grow on trees! So for about $7 a roll I would be willing to take a bunch of pics and get them developed and put on CD for ya! I'll even play around with a few of them, if you like, giving different options in croping, coloring etc.! So there you go! Just let me know if there's anything B's Photography can do for you! :D I've even got a few other sample pics so let me know and I'll email 'em to ya!

I know, this may sound a little odd, but hey! how else am I going to become a professional amature photographer! ;)
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Speakers, Pics and New Talent Tricks

For those of you who might not know, I have gone through a slight obsession with paintings, which resulted in a current mild obsession with painting which I decided to nurture through the purchase of an art/painting set and easel that really were more than I should have spent on myself at the time, but in a word you might say I was, well obsessed :) However, my generous father decided to relieve me of the burden and purchase it for me as a graduation gift! Really, I was (and am) delighted! Now only if I could come up with more canvases....

Anyway! Since I'm not the only one graduating.... (actually, I'm not even graduating at all right now! I'm just walking since my husband is really graduating now and since I'll be done at the end of the summer, I wanted to walk in the ceremony at the same time........) my parents wanted to do something equally nice for my husband as well. Me, being the practical wife that I ALWAYS am (as you can tell by my recent purchase mentioned above...), suggested a new suit! I thought, hey! What a great idea for a man about to enter into "real" employment!

Unfortunately, my husband didn't seem to see it my way exactly. While he was grateful for the offer of a new suit, when he realized it was my idea and not my parents, he quickly asked if it would be alright to put the money to another use... namely new speakers. You can just IMAGINE how tickled I was with THAT idea! I mean come ON! We already have 9 speakers set up in our living room, plus an additional SIX outside! What was the boy thinking?!

Well, much to my joy, the speakers arrived just the other day.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... I was really having a hard time seeing the silver lining to this cloud - which is COMPLETELY reasonable since I am ALWAYS very practical in my purchases.... - (I'm kidding).

Anyway, we got talking and I realized that hubby-cakes is actually thinking of possibly getting into DJing - for now, at least for fun and to get some experience - you know, mostly friends weddings, small dances or parties... that type of thing. Just for a hobby, at least until he figures out if he really likes it or not. So we contacted a friend getting married this summer and she was excited ( I think ) to let him give it a go!

Then the wheels got turning... you see, this same friend let me take her bridals and while I'm definitely not a professional, let's just say I was happy there were at least a few she seems to want to use. Not bad, I thought. Especially for my first attempt at something like this. This mild success bit me with a little bit of a photo bug and tonight I got talking to my sister about possibly buying her quality digital camera off of her when and if she decides to upgrade in the next few months. Next, My Man and I realized we could easily make still photo wedding videos (slide shows being another mild obsession of mine) and provide a projector to make a pretty cool music video to present at receptions! And BOOM! All of a sudden I start dreaming up music/photo wedding and party packages and of the nice $ we could make on the side while enjoying a few hobbies, developing talents and spending some time together!

Ok, so perhaps I'm going a little overboard - but hey! At this point in time, what do we really have to loose?! And if nothing else, at least it helps me not go COMPLEATLY insane with the thought of 2 MORE speakers in our lives! :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

3 more YEARS?!

Ok - so I know that not long ago I posted my feelings about 24 and it's addicting qualities... However...
I just found out that Kiefer Sutherland signed on for 3 MORE YEARS of 24! I mean, come on! Hasn't this guy saved Los Angeles and therefore the world enough already?! For those of you who don't know, this is currently the 5TH season of 24 and honestly, I don't know what else you can possible do to make it believable after this! Jake Bauer - aka my main man Kiefer - doesn't even WORK for CTU - the counter terrorist unit - anymore, they've already blown up or gunned down at least half of LA, CTU itself seems to have more moles and holes than a sieve and the head of their current conspiracy seems to be ...! Never mind. I mean, come on! What else can you possibly DO!!!
Though I do really love 24, for the viewers sake, PLEASE take it to a different country - or at LEAST a different part of the United States! Otherwise, I'm afraid the American viewer won't be able to take it much longer and the people of LA may begin to revolt!
On another 24 issue, I have to admit that while I really enjoy the seasons as they come out, there is DEFINITELY something to be said for sitting down and watching a whole season in a few days! What a rush! ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Since my write your own posting hasn't seemed all that popular, I though I'd return to the fail safe plan of posting cute pictures of my relatives :)

WOW!! These are my husband's nieces and nephew. The cutie little baby was just born a few weeks ago. Now for that reason alone, this is a great picture... BUT! Check out the other kids!! Especially that red head on the right - how old do you think that kid is? Well, whatever you guess, he's at least 3 years younger! What a cute bunch of turkeys!!! (as my mom would say) :)
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Actually, I have this strong hankering to post a new post but for a couple days now, I've been postless! Ok, that just means I can't think of anything all that facinating or not to write about, so today is a write your own post day! Tomorrow too - sure - why not! I mean, besides the fact that 24 had another facinating show lastnight............ anyway, so write what you want! Let me know how you're doing! Post your own post ;)
So fill in the blanks, if you want:
Hi. I'm ______________ (feel free to not put a real name)
Today I feel_______________ because _______________
The weather is __________________
I like Oreo Cookies because__________________________________________

____________________________________ - sorry that one needs a lot of room!!
I recently have _________________________
And finaly
One random fact about me is ____________________________________
So that's it - the comment board is yours!
With love, B

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Grandpa Part 1

Ok, So the explaination to this entry is actually to be found a few posts ago in a post called Grandpa of Mine - But, because of my tecnical errors... I had to repost half of it. It's really not that long, but it's divided into 6 smaller posts I think - half before the description and half after. So a quick summary - This is a paper one of my nieces wrote wonderfuly and I wanted to share - I hope you enjoy (and that she doesn't mind!) heart, me
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My Grandpa Part 2

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My Grandpa Part 3

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Hey Guys!! Make sure to check out ALL of the recent stuff - especially the cute picture of my nieces I posted earlier! It's all new - it's just that there's a lot of it! Love ya and take care!
Que Dios te bendiga -

Grandpa of Mine

We've recently passed the 1 year mark of my grandfather's death and another one of my adorable older nieces wrote this great paper about his passing - I really love it and wanted to post. Even though you most likly never met the man, I think you'll be touched by this well written high school paper. Oh, if you're having a hard time reading anything, the images should enlarge if you click on them. I tried to break them up into pieces so that if you had a big enough screen you could read it, but if not... well, click away! :) He was a remarkable man that is an amazing example of what one person can do. However, this is not a story of his grandure but of his sweet, humble passing - I hope you enjoy it! Posted by Picasa

My Grandpa

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My Grandpa

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13 Ways to Look @ Thailand

I hope this is readable! One of my nieces wrote this after my family's recent trip to Thailand to visit my brother on military leave from Kuait - that's where he served his mission...Thailand, not Kuait
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M, M and baby M

For some reason, I just CANNOT get enough of this picture! My heart just melts when I see these cutie little girls! (PS they're related to me, so I'm not just being wierd:) Oh, just email me if you want to know which one is which!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today it is 2 years since we closed on our house! Yippie! Happy house anniversary to us

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


That's it - I'm on strike. Sell my books, forget a degree. I'm done.

Well, maybe I can make it a little bit longer, but next time school starts to give me a headache....

Just kidding (kind of.....)