Friday, June 23, 2006

The BEST Yard Sale EVER! :)

Just in case you didn't already get the memo... :)

The BEST Yard Sale EVER!!!
Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much! We’ll have:
•Furniture from Cushy chairs to desks and Dressers!
•Clothes – Tons of it and most Like NEW!
•A Stove and other appliances!
•Plus all of the other random items that make yard sales so great!
-AND! In addition you’ll have the opportunity to buy a product still new on the market that helps make sure you’ll never lose your keys or cell phone again! Come find out more about FKP’s and get one while I’m selling them for ½ the normal going Sales price
-ALSO-Place orders for CUSTOM art work, or buy an original piece right there!
-PLUS! you can book a photographer to take your next family pictures or to photograph your next big event for only $20 an hour and YOU get the neg.s in hr.s for free!
594 N. 850 W.
Sat June 24 starting at 8 AM
Call 376-5644 with any ?’s.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hey guys!! I'm starting to sell these REALLY cool products and am giving special friends and family deals for the next week or so - Check out the products at Anyway, check them out and let me know if you're interestsed or have questions! Love ya!

Is THIS the picture you guys didn't want me to post on my blog? ;)
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Our Baby...

Yes'em... our beloved mini-van was involved in an accident about a week and a half ago... Luckly, Joe was ok plus it was totally the other lady's fault so as we speak, our baby is in surgury. It may take all week, but hey! At least she can be saved!

And for those of you who think it's funny we drive a mini-van, let me just tell you! It's a wonderful car with lots of room and it's not that bad on gas milage... so YES! I may look like a soccer mom, but this lean, mean driving machine is a piece of functional art! (also, it was the best deal on a bigger vehical my dad could find after I rolled the SUV I was driving at the time - whoops!)
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm tellin you guys, when insomnia hits, you can forget about counting sheep, cuz it aint gonna help! Suck! This is the third night in a row that I haven't slept very well at ALL!! Today it was about 4 am on the dot when my body decided it was time to wake-y wake-y! Do you know how much that sucks?! (Sorry - my grandma would be really mad if she knew I kept on saying stuff sucks - SUCK SUCK SUCK! jk grandma)

So now it's about 20 to 7 and my body is saying,.... well, ok, maybe you can go try to take a nap now that you've watched the end of a law and order, the apprentice finally and messed around with your email and various blogs. Oh wait!! But that's right! Your husband should be up any second and you decided to take him to work so you could have the car today!! Well, I guess that means no more sleep for you! Shucks, maybe next time! BLAH!

I know... this is all my body's evil way of getting back at me for sleeping too much last week. Heaven forbid I actually get a NORMAL amount of sleep for once! I've got enough messed up health problems as it is! Why the crap can't I just SLEEP like a normal person! Maybe because no one ever seems to sleep normally anymore... who knows.

Just in case you think this is just an over reaction to a one time occurrence, oh no! There I go, sleeping like a baby for a month or so at a time then WHAM! 2, 3, ... 10 days in a row, and I don't once make it through the night. ... SUCK! (sorry gram)

Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey friends! PLEASE contact your senators FAST!! They will be voting on an amendment to save marriage on JUNE 6th so we have to act soon!! Thankfully, there is a site you can go to that will send an email to your senators after you fill out some simple information, like your name and address - that's it!! The home pages is: and should take you directly to the email page. There's some really good information as well. Spread the word!!!