Friday, June 23, 2006

The BEST Yard Sale EVER! :)

Just in case you didn't already get the memo... :)

The BEST Yard Sale EVER!!!
Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much! We’ll have:
•Furniture from Cushy chairs to desks and Dressers!
•Clothes – Tons of it and most Like NEW!
•A Stove and other appliances!
•Plus all of the other random items that make yard sales so great!
-AND! In addition you’ll have the opportunity to buy a product still new on the market that helps make sure you’ll never lose your keys or cell phone again! Come find out more about FKP’s and get one while I’m selling them for ½ the normal going Sales price
-ALSO-Place orders for CUSTOM art work, or buy an original piece right there!
-PLUS! you can book a photographer to take your next family pictures or to photograph your next big event for only $20 an hour and YOU get the neg.s in hr.s for free!
594 N. 850 W.
Sat June 24 starting at 8 AM
Call 376-5644 with any ?’s.

1 comment:

BlueAdagio said...

I heard the Yard Sale was pretty much the most amazing yard sale ever and ever.

Hope you came away please with yourselves, with a bit less junk, and a bit more doe.

:) :) :)