Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin vs Gibson!

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Once again, Day by Day cartoon nails it.
What we didn't hear from Palin was this:"Well, Charlie, I was thinking...I ought to just whip up a batch of brownies and fly over to Russia and sit down with Putin, or whatever that new guy's name is. I mean, we need to just talk this through. We need to understand each other. We need consensus."No, that would be Obama foreign policy and Palin wasn't going there! "
I LOVE this post! Thanks 'One Vote'!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just wanted to take a second to remember that horrible day 7 years ago that changed the world, as well as the heroes that showed the world what we're made of.

For me it was especially strange since I was in Uruguay and didn't have any access to the media. the only reason I knew anything had happened was because I was walking to teach English with my companion, Hermana Hamilton, and some people motioned to us and had us come into a restaurant, pointing to the TV. Since we weren't supposed to watch TV as missionaries, I didn't really know what to do, and just looked briefly. It was really hard to tell what was going on... lots of smoke and building, but I really couldn't tell what I was looking at. There were words on the screen -Torres Gemelas- but at that time, I didn't know what gemelas meant and was just confused. When I got to our English class, a new missionary knew what it meant, and the magnitude of what had happened began to sink in, though to be honest it was very hard to grasp and I know I didn't react with as much horror as I now feel when I think of that day.

A day or two later we got to see our mission president, but he seemed to assume we all already knew what had happened, so he didn't really give any details. It wasn't until weeks later when I received detailed letters from my brother Brian that I finally began to understand everything that had happened. The only thing I knew was that no matter the horrors in the world, His plan could bring peace and that's what we focused on as we continued our missionary service. The kindness of our neighbors was incredible as those who before wouldn't talk to us now stopped us and expressed their condolences.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8-8-08 Photos - New Stuff :)

So, I was just looking thru some photos and found these from a month ago! Here she was trying her fresh food net for one of the first times... grapes I think... and finally realized she could DO something about having a hat on her head! Plus I love watching her read with Joey - she LOVES it!

Monday, September 08, 2008

More Crawling! Now she's got it!

She was really working hard at this tonight! I wasn't going to post anymore crawling vids for a while, but she was doing so well!... I couldn't help it :)

The vid is a little long... sorry I don't really have time to edit for length - I just want to get the stuff up and share and if I take time to edit it too much I'll never get it done!

You've gotta love the little outfit and the booty shakin! If only she had a mini-cheese head!

1st Pack Game for the Babe!

Priya's First Packer Game! Go Pack! And after a short gagging session when I first saw #12 where #4 should have been, I can say, Go Aaron Rogers! Here's a few pics of my sick little cutie babe and her daddy watching the end of the game:

Mommy & Baby

We've received several requests for more photos of Priya's parents and since recent video has been less than flattering, here is a nicer photo of Priya and Mommy :)
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

So sick... and SO tired!

Priya has been under the weather the last few days :( Today (Sunday) was especially sad, after a night of almost litteraly no sleep! The longest block of sleep she had after midnight was 20 minutes without being held and very little more than that IN our arms! Still, she managed to squeek a few smiles here and there. This is after a nice evening @ Craig & Deann's, after she had some food-ies and right before we threw her in the bath!

Crawling! Well, kind of

So, this was five days ago - she's doing MUCH better now, but it's still cute! I was on the phone with my parents at the time, so sorry for my random talking in the back :) Also, you've got to love the one sock on, one sock off that was a result of nap-time! Plus "mommy" was just weeding the garden, so please ignore my amazing "attractiveness"
Today was funny because she's been sick, so she was pretty off balance every time she tried to crawl and often her tail end would wobble and tip over, while the front half was working hard to keep movin forward - it craked me up everytime, though I'm sure she was less than thrilled!
We love our little explorer!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah - FAR from Plain!

I can't help it -I have to briefly post about the VP Candidate, Sarah Palin! She seems like an amazing woman, who is not afraid to be tough and stand for what's right, and some how is able to maintain a very feminine appeal. To be honest, I'm grateful for Hillary and the path she has blazed for women everywhere! She has also made it easier for Sarah to show that you don't have to give up her femininity to be in politics.

Maybe I'm not saying things right. I just thought she was amazing and tough and easy to relate to as I heard her last night at the Rep. Convention (which I have NEVER had any desire to watch before by the way!) I am excited for politics in a way I never have been and currently could not be happier about McCain's choice for VP!

My father-in-law wrote an article analyzing her honestly thus far at -it's not long- check it out!
I can't wait to see how things shape up now with her on the ticket!

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