Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crawling! Well, kind of

So, this was five days ago - she's doing MUCH better now, but it's still cute! I was on the phone with my parents at the time, so sorry for my random talking in the back :) Also, you've got to love the one sock on, one sock off that was a result of nap-time! Plus "mommy" was just weeding the garden, so please ignore my amazing "attractiveness"
Today was funny because she's been sick, so she was pretty off balance every time she tried to crawl and often her tail end would wobble and tip over, while the front half was working hard to keep movin forward - it craked me up everytime, though I'm sure she was less than thrilled!
We love our little explorer!


Wendy said...

Go Priya, Go! Hopefully Sophie will be crawling right behind you soon!

D and S Heaton said...

Her father would never move for a wad of paper, but if you put a donut on the floor he'd chase it down!
A great video of a Priya milestone.
~Dad H

Makamae said...

Yeah! What a cutie! Amazing how fast she's growing! LOL She'll be dating in no time! I love the bow... Davy and Babers loved playing with those when they were little.