Sunday, September 07, 2008

So sick... and SO tired!

Priya has been under the weather the last few days :( Today (Sunday) was especially sad, after a night of almost litteraly no sleep! The longest block of sleep she had after midnight was 20 minutes without being held and very little more than that IN our arms! Still, she managed to squeek a few smiles here and there. This is after a nice evening @ Craig & Deann's, after she had some food-ies and right before we threw her in the bath!


Makamae said...

Poor baby girl! And poor Mommy! Up at night with a sick baby is no fun at all!

D and S Heaton said...

Hugs from Chicago. I hope both of you can get some sleep.
Dad H

Unas Tontarias said...

Thankfully, she's now sleeping in 2-3 hour blocks, so that's an improvement, to say the least! Thanks for the concern! Believe it or not, it's also poor daddy!! Thankfully, Joe is a great dad that thinks of getting up with Priya as just another oportunity to bond with his little girl, ususally by letting her sleep on his chest! :) What a man!