Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sorry - I blurred the address for safety, but if you need it just let me know :D

OK! Here are the current movie options!!! I was going to do a poll, but there are too many and we need to decide fast if we hope to actually be able to GET a good one! While I'd like everyones feedback, I'm especially looking for PARENTS of younger kids to vote... (and ALL parents to let me know if there's something you really DON'T want me to show!) I haven't seen all of these, so your input is CRUCIAL! :D Just leave a comment and let me know that you think! Thanks! :D

(PS - if you didn't know, we're having a Halloween Party and YOU'RE INVITED!)

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Practical Magic

Monster House

Wizard of Oz

B&W Frankenstein

B&W Dracula

Something Hitchcock

Nightmare Before Christmas

Corpse Bride

Curse of the Warerabbit

Hocus Pocus

Monsters vs Aliens

Haunted Mansion



Watcher in the Woods

Wait until Dardk

Monsters Inc


Halloween Town

Ichabod & Mr. Toad

Brothers Grimm

Monster Squad


Young Frankenstein

Something Wicked this way comes

Mr. Boogidy


The Village


Pumpkin time

Last Sunday we carved pumpkins over @ Dru's house - here are a few of the crazy photos! Yes, priya is trying to kiss Boom (the dog). Also, you can see she thoroughly enjoyed tossing pillows down to her uncles! They, in turn, enjoyed pegging her with them when they threw them back - Nice uncles :P :D


So, a few weeks ago Priya fell in love with an Elmo sweatshirt she got from Onny and gang - here are some photos of her showing it off! (She then wanted me to take photos of BoBo :)

Since then we purchased an Elmo trick or treat pail, which has joined her in her bed for almost every nap and bed time since we bought it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy Kid!/Future Supermodel? :D

I was going to wait till I posted a few other things first, but this was last night and these photos crack me up! I can't choose just one - they each show some other crazy part of her nutty personality! How I adore this child! :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So... it's been a while...

Sorry it's been so long! I don't have anything particular to blog about ... probably just a million things big and small, but I thought I'd at least share a few recent photos from some of our more recent... adventures :D
First, here are a few photos of Priya and Baby David playing the other day. They were both still in PJ's and driving me CRAZY so I opened the door to the wet porch and let them at it! In case you can't tell, Priya was trying to sip the standing water out of the chair - GROSS!

She was mad here because we didn't want her to keep playing with the screen door!

As you can tell, the were both VERY wet!
I was going to combine the posts, but I think we'll just have to break things up for now... so more fun stuff later!