Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sorry - I blurred the address for safety, but if you need it just let me know :D

OK! Here are the current movie options!!! I was going to do a poll, but there are too many and we need to decide fast if we hope to actually be able to GET a good one! While I'd like everyones feedback, I'm especially looking for PARENTS of younger kids to vote... (and ALL parents to let me know if there's something you really DON'T want me to show!) I haven't seen all of these, so your input is CRUCIAL! :D Just leave a comment and let me know that you think! Thanks! :D

(PS - if you didn't know, we're having a Halloween Party and YOU'RE INVITED!)

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Practical Magic

Monster House

Wizard of Oz

B&W Frankenstein

B&W Dracula

Something Hitchcock

Nightmare Before Christmas

Corpse Bride

Curse of the Warerabbit

Hocus Pocus

Monsters vs Aliens

Haunted Mansion



Watcher in the Woods

Wait until Dardk

Monsters Inc


Halloween Town

Ichabod & Mr. Toad

Brothers Grimm

Monster Squad


Young Frankenstein

Something Wicked this way comes

Mr. Boogidy


The Village



One Vote said...

Simpsons Halloween episodes

heidi678 said...

I remember watching Hocus Pocus, Mr. Boogidy, and Casper when I was younger. So my pick is for one of those three.

Bryan said...

Sad that Coraline isn't one of the options. I'd have a pretty hard time making it to your party anyway, living in Atlanta and all. :)

Unas Tontarias said...

Yah, I haven't seen it and just got too many comments about the mom being evil etc :D I'll have to check it out though! Have fun in Atlanta!

Lindsay said...

My kids rented Coraline on demand while Ryan and I were on a date. No bueno! No one could sleep and all the lights in the house were on when we got home.
My vote;
Wizard of Oz or Nightmare Before Christmas
Brothers Grimm
I wish I had seen Something Wicked This Way Comes to have an opinion, but no...

Kelinn Beardall said...

Do you have two TV's? You could have an adult movie, (I like psycho and watcher in the woods.) and a kid movie. Hope you have fun. I've seen all your preperations and it looks like you'll all have a great time. Sorry we can't make it- but take care of yourself and don't over do it.