Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So... it's been a while...

Sorry it's been so long! I don't have anything particular to blog about ... probably just a million things big and small, but I thought I'd at least share a few recent photos from some of our more recent... adventures :D
First, here are a few photos of Priya and Baby David playing the other day. They were both still in PJ's and driving me CRAZY so I opened the door to the wet porch and let them at it! In case you can't tell, Priya was trying to sip the standing water out of the chair - GROSS!

She was mad here because we didn't want her to keep playing with the screen door!

As you can tell, the were both VERY wet!
I was going to combine the posts, but I think we'll just have to break things up for now... so more fun stuff later!


Lewis Family said...

Wow, I think it's a kid thing to want to try drinking any water they find. EJ was playing in the mud in the backyard and put a bunch in a bucket and scooped it into a cup in an attemopt to drink it! Luckily we caught her first (I think!)...

D and S Heaton said...

Just another fun day in Springville.
Thanks for sharing.
Dad H

Kelinn Beardall said...

Come on mom! let her drink the water. After all, it'll build her immune system.