Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you....

... to all who went before and are fighting now so that we could enjoy all that we do. Thank YOU. (that means you too, Dru)
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Our Beautiful Yard (and our crazy girl!)

As I type, Joe is outside finishing tilling our beautiful yard that just last week looked like this:
A crazy photo, I know, but she was dancing around and being so cute! Unfortunatly, it doesn't really translate into a photo well :) Below you can see Joe from earlier this week. He looks much the same today :) Fun way to spend Memorial Day, isn't it :)
Below is a photo of Priya AFTER playing outside earlier this week. Note the dirty face, sliver in the hand and ADORABLE headbands ;) They're some of her favorites.... we see them often, both as headbands and necklaces :D
And this is the princess with her crazy nap :D I think it was a different day where her hair was nice and beautifully curly earlier, but I just love the wildness :D It looks like her hair might take after me after all ;)

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Grandma's Visit!

Ok, so, as is normal, I am behind in blogging :) We've had lots of events I hope to get back to, but I couldn't wait to post about Grandma Heaton's special visit!! She came out to take care of some things with Grandma Ella's house and we were blessed enough to have her stay with us! As you can see, neither Brayden nor Grandma took much time getting comfortable :)
I had to post this little glamour shot Daddy took while Priya was getting ready to go to church yesterday :)
Grandma did a whole lot of diaper changing... apparently she thinks its fun, or something like that.... ;)
Well, I'm not quite sure about the sanity of anyone who enjoys changing diapers, but we were sure super excited to have her here!! I'll post more photos later - boy am I glad to have my picasa blogger button working on our new computer... yes you can only do 3-4 pics at a time, but it sure is a heck of a lot easier! Whew! you might actually get updats from us now! :D
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