Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Beautiful Yard (and our crazy girl!)

As I type, Joe is outside finishing tilling our beautiful yard that just last week looked like this:
A crazy photo, I know, but she was dancing around and being so cute! Unfortunatly, it doesn't really translate into a photo well :) Below you can see Joe from earlier this week. He looks much the same today :) Fun way to spend Memorial Day, isn't it :)
Below is a photo of Priya AFTER playing outside earlier this week. Note the dirty face, sliver in the hand and ADORABLE headbands ;) They're some of her favorites.... we see them often, both as headbands and necklaces :D
And this is the princess with her crazy nap :D I think it was a different day where her hair was nice and beautifully curly earlier, but I just love the wildness :D It looks like her hair might take after me after all ;)

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Doug said...

You mean you'll have GREEN?
Cool, except the water bill :(

Unas Tontarias said...

Actually, we'd started watering it last year trying to nurture the teeny tiny amount of grass we had. So at least this year HOPEFULLY we'll be watering REAL grass this year :D That is still TBD I'm afraid :D Also, we plan to put woodchips in a few places, like along the road, so hopefully we'll cut a few corners that way :D We're crossing our fingers! :D

Wendy said...

I hope you get lots and lots of grass!