Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next Top Stylist - Alysse's Way! :D

So, Alysse is another competition at school and has some beautiful photos. Here are a few. The first one the theme was texture.
This one the theme was color... While she did dye the hair (beautifully I might add) she chose to add bright colors with bright yarn balls instead.
This one is from this past week - theme Fashion Forward. She created the outfit with corrugated cardboard and a black sheet, with a cardboard hoop skirt. - Crazy, huh? The hair is fun too...though I can't really tell you what she did... it's so easy for her but then she explains it to me and it sounds like... HUH?! You figured out you could do WHAT with hair? And that's easy, huh? Well good to know! Who'd of though... :) While it's an over all competition, there are also weekly rankings for the top 3 and Alysse took 1st last week :)

The funny thing is that she was sure she'd be eliminated since hers was so different from everyone else's. Almost every week she seems to take the theme and do it slightly different from everyone else and there has been some... unbalanced judging in the first several weeks. But thankfully adjustments have been made and there seems to be a much more level playing field! Now, win or loose, at least it should be fair! There are lots of beautiful photos and alysse's are always a little different, so we'll see what happens next! Good luck, Ci Ci! We're rooting for you! (and I can't WAIT to have you dye my hair this week! GREAT TIMES!)
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks to Everyone...

who voted! We're heavily into the planning stages of the party and it's gonna be lots of fun! We'd love suggestions for movies, games etc so if you've got some ideas, we'd love to hear them!
Oh! I'm also trying to figure out the best way to make a fake person! I'd love to make several, but when i tried last year, it just looked like a lump in a chair :( any suggestions?
Take care!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day

Time for bed!

So, our Labor Day was pretty chill, but we did spend some time with Rachel & Ryan hanging at a park etc. Here are a few shots (ok, mostly of P) from the day! I was having fun taking pics of her little jeans - so cutie! :D

18 month photos - kind of...

Any of you on facebook have probably already seen these, but just for my non-facebook family and friends viewing pleasure, here are a few of my silly little girl :)

18 month photos - attempt 2

I haven't really had a chance to touch these up or anything, and most are pretty random, but I think they're kind of fun anyhow. Well, hope you find one you like! Either way, she's my cutie girl - I love that little chick-a-dee! Even when she IS covered with mud! :D

Just a few shots from before the shoot :)