Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Project!

After being inspired by blogs like Impress Your Kids and so many Thanksgiving Ideas, including those at Craftily Ever After, I thought my daughter and I would try making a Thanksgiving sign to help us get in the mood and make our home a bit more festive for the big day!
So today (yes, the day before Thanksgiving) I pulled out the canvas and paint and we went to work!
To begin, I gave Priya a paint brush, some orange paint and let her go to town on the canvas!
Notice the intensity! :D  Please ignore the 'bareness' of it all - we were in a hurry and that seemed to be the easiest way to keep paint off her clothes for the moment - I know, I'm a nut.
While that dried, I hit the computer and, with a little design advice from Joe (a shocker, I know ;) we came up with this baby!  Unfortunately, the first time around, I miss calculated and we make it a little too big - but with a quick adjustment, Joe had it ready to go and had the vinyl printed!  I quickly weeded it (probably the easiest I've ever weeded! Most of the time I hate that part!) and attempted to stick it to the canvas - no luck!  After MUCH impatient patience, I finally got it down!  This is how it looked:
This might be ok... IF you are a Denver Broncos fan, which I am CERTAINLY NOT (sorry Wend, but nothing new in that statement! ;)  So we moved on to the next phase:
Originally the plan was for me to paint around the edges of the letters and let it dry so Priya wouldn't accidentally peal up the letters as she painted, but after I started I realized letting the paint dry completely without pulling up the letters could pose a problem!  So, I made Joe get my rouse my recently put to bed Non-sleeping Beauty and I put her to work!
We finally put the princess to bed after she did a thorough paint job!  About 30 minutes later I carefully removed the vinyl and WALA!  It's not perfect, but it's a new Thanksgiving treasure!  Hopefully someday we'll add some ribbon to the edges, and I wish I'd thought to put the kids hand prints on it or something, but there's always tomorrow (and if not then, next year! :)
Here's wishing YOU a HAPPY THANKS Giving! :D