Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Happier Moment :)

Here's a more attractive image of my little princess from the 6 month shots we did a couple weeks ago :) I'm finally starting to edit some of these, so you might see a few over the next few days!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not for the faint of stomach!

Yesterday Priya was playing happily in her crib after her morning nap. When I went in to get her, this is what I found! What you can't see is the poo on the crib wall as well as all over the bumper pad! Yum! :P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And another thing....!

This photo is from a few weeks ago and was on my phone, but I liked it and thought I'd share :)
Our little girl has been in the habit of waking once or twice in the middle of the night for a bottle. But other than the fiasco of last week when she was teething hard core, she usually just takes the bottle and quickly falls back to sleep without any problems. Occasionally when an unnamed parent that was not her mother would get her, said person would let her fall asleep on his chest as he sat in our big comfy recliner in her room and there they would both snooze for a few hours, a few nights a week. No harm done, right? Rather cute, you might say - WRONG! For the past two nights when our little "angel" has woken up for her usually night time snacks, instead of peacefully drifting back to sleep, she has screamed and whined, until one of us picks her up. The MOMENT one of us holds her to our chest, she snuggles up and starts drifting off to la la land! What happens if you try and put her back down? Guess! :) Needless, to say, this is a habit that I'm hoping soon to break!
Oh, and her other front tooth cut through! At least it didn't seem to hurt as much, though I think I made it bleed as I was "brushing her teeth" tonight :( But she's eating real food like never before and making sure to bite the spoon with every mouthful!
This has been quite the week for this little one! And it's only Tuesday!

Did I mention...

...that she claps her feet? And has learned to undo her diaper?! AND she's started saying Da Da!? As you can tell, my taping skills are STELLAR! :) I can't get a video yet of the DaDa, but we'll have to get that on here soon - its so cute!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaps & Bounds!

This photos is from a few days ago when my sis in law brought her cutie kids over for a mini-
photo-shoot :) So fun!

However, the real story was yesterday - it seemed like my little sprout did just that and acquired a bunch of new skills and a new level of understanding over night! For starters, she has been struggling to sit up for long periods of time. Not that she "can't" really.... more that she's too squirmy to really do it for long, especially when she insists on siting bolt upright most of the time! Well, not any longer! Yesterday joe set her down and 10 min later, she was still just happily sitting there, playing with some toys as we got ready for church!

Secondly, at church she started playing this new game with the man sitting behind us - one where she'd start by giving him a nice smile, then when he smiled back, she'd bury her head in my shoulder, all shy like - Yah Right! Not this child! But it was fun to see her play with him like that!

She also decided she likes walking! For the last few weeks, she's been insisting on being held in a standing position almost always. However, yesterday she started repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other as we hold her fingers and she "dances" on tip-toes half of the time :)

All of that, combined with GINORMOUS smiles she can't seem to contain and eating PILES of food last night before bed and I have to say this girl is growing by leaps and bounds! Cliche, i know :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "Favre Situation"

Actual Church Sign in Wisconsin

People have asked me how I'm dealing with the "Favre Situation". To be honest, I'm sure I'm WAY less informed than current residents of Wisconsin, since when I talked to my Mom about it, she passionatly informed me of many items of which I was previously unaware which only fuled the flame of my frustration at the Packers. However, as time has gone on, I have slowly come to terms with the fact the Brett is in fact a Jet. To be honest, I think he looks kinda goofy in a Jets uniform, but whacha gonna do! So ironic that he in his Packers uniform are on the cover of Madden this year. Though I am upset at the outcome, I am going to have to stay true to my roots and remain a Packers fan, despite their blunders... with or without the only QB I have ever known as a starting Pack. But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be listening a little a closer for updates on my favorite Jet.

Talk about sleepless nights...

Well, as mentioned before, Priya got shots the other day, while cutting teeth! Those things together, along with the occasional gas bubble, has lead to some VERY sleepless nights! Arg! For those of you who don't know, our little cutie slept through the night right off the bat! The first 2 months were night time bliss as far as sleeping - it was more than we could hope for! Unfortunately, that only lasted about 2 months when after a trip to Wisconsin she began waking up at least once a night. Now, if she sleeps till 5 without waking, we are Joyful! She never stays awake - she just wakes long enough to drink a bit of a bottle, then falls right back asleep. That is, until she got her shots. Now that, combined with her teeth, has lead to several nights of Tylenol, teething tablets, gripe water, oragel and rocking! Lots and lots of rocking! My poor baby would start to fall asleep in my arms, then just start crying again with some rediscovered discomfort or pain.
The worst part is that since last night Joe played basketball, even though Priya went to bed about nine, we didn't get to bed until MUCH later, so last night would have been short on sleep anyhow! Oh well - I just hope she starts feeling better soon... for ALL of our sakes! :)

To help me remember why I'm not selling her on EBay (as Wendy would say :), here are a few photos of my little princess from her 6 month photo shoot - ARG! I don't know why the colors aren't coming through right - they all look blue! Well, hopefully you still get the gist! ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

JC Penny 6 month photos

Here's a couple layouts they put together that I liked. What do you think? If you wanna see the rest of the shots from Penny's, let me know and I'll email you the link. There's several shots that aren't shown in this batch, but I think these are my favorites :)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

PS to Crazy Times :)

Just to prove further what a little stinker my baby is, here's another story. This morning she was up about 6:30 wanting a bottle-that's not the stinker part, even though I would prefer she choose a more human hour. So I quick changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and put her back in bed. When she woke up again about 8:30, somehow magically her bum and the diaper were no longer together!! She had taken off her diaper, unfastening it on one side and some how wriggling out of the other! She's ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD, people! What am I going to do with this girl when she actually figures out how to get into things! Start praying for us now ;)

Crazy Times!

A TON has happened in the last week, so I'll try to do a quick run down!

Last Wed was our Anniversary - happy day to us! It was a LOT of fun! For Joe's birthday my parents had bought us tickets to go see Brian Regan - if you've never heard his stuff, you should! He is one Funny Dude! and the best thing is that his humor is clean - imagin that! Joe also brought home roses and took me to a fancy-shmancy restaurant (with the aid again of mis padres- thanks padres :) called the Chefs Table. It was SO nice! And the food was AMAZING!! Definitly a nice place to remember for very special occassions!

Speaking of special occassions, the next day was Priya's 6 month birthday!! Happy Day, cutie pants! We took her Friday to get some photos done at JC Penny and come to find out that she has cut her first tooth!! I know I know, I said she had cut a tooth a while ago, but I wasn't really looking into her mouth, just feeling, and it turns out it was just a ridge in the middle of her upper jaw. THIS tooth is on the bottom, and the one next to it is close on it's heals, resulting in a VERY drooly baby!

Sunday I took a few pics of our baby on my own since I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the stuff from Pennys... mostly, I just like their backdrops and enhancements for the photos, but I'm going to talk to a friend of mine at the Fotoshop and see if they can create some nice layouts for photos as well that we can use - that way it's MUCH cheaper, I can keep the digital images and have a much larger selection of photos to choose from :)

Today our little princess went back to the doc for her 6 month check-up! Here are the Stats:

Height:27.25 inches (92%)
Weight: 15 lb. 5 oz (35%)

The Doc says she's progressing really well and I think he was a little taken back by her sqirminess!! She's definitly a little mover and a shaker!

The funniest part came after she got her shots. She of course cried a bit, but then afterwards looked at the nurse, almost pointing at her, and gave her quite a talking to! It was so funny! It was like she was saying, "I know who did this to me and it was NOT very nice! I'm not very happy with you right now, so just you watch it, missy!"
But that's not all! On the way home - a whole 5 minute drive - she somehow mannaged to rip off ALL of her band-aids and shove at least 2 in her mouth!! I get her out of her car seat and am thinking "Ok, now where are her band-aids?... What does she have in her MOUTH?!" Little Stinker!! So Gross! But she was so happy, and quite UN-happy when I removed them from her oral cavity! Almost as unhappy as when I take away paper... but that's another story!
Hopefully I'll have more photos soon! Take care and much love!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Why is it that the one night my baby actually seems to be sleeping through the night for the first time in FOREVER, I am WIDE AWAKE! I've been up since about 4 and it's about 5:30 now... and unfortunatly, I don't feel sleep coming on anytime soon :( So goes another night in the life of a new mom :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Cuties :)

A week ago we had a visit from Priya's good friend Sophie, and her mom, my good friend Wendy :) These little cuties are just so fun to watch together, and are only 1 week apart in age! It's especially entertaining as they both roll around the couch and are falling all over each other!! I'm so grateful Wendy and I get to learn how to be moms together and our little lovelies can start out their amazing little lives together!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Colorado Continued

Here are a few pics from Adam & Tessa's wedding. I WISH my camera had been charged for Jon & Rainah's wedding! That's ok - I'll just look @ everyone else's photos :)

Back to Co, we had a great time. It was also great to see Anne and her family on Friday! Her husband is currently training to go overseas with the Army.

Anyway, it was BEAUTIFUL - I could definitly consider living there! Maybe it'd be a little better if it wasn't in the middle of a heat wave, but over all, it was very nice! Anne even took us to this GREAT Alpine Slide and drove us through Red Rock park as the sun was going down - nice!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Bachelor" Party

Here are a few photos from the night before Jon got married - just click on the photo to go to a web album Beth made of the "beating" of Joe. These boys are so crazy sometimes!! :) Actually, I think it's really great that they all get along so well! Sure, it leads to some long nights of foosball, but hey! I'd much rather have that than have them never talk to each other! Close future cousins begin with close siblings! Oh, and thanks guys for beating up Joe for me ;)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Softball, Stars & Rasberries

This video was taken last week at Joe's softball game... though she's not super great with food yet, I let her "eat" these rice stars because they melt fast in her mouth. As you see, the food often spends more time out of her mouth than in :)

Here's a few pictures to go with :)

Beautiful Colorado! with the NEW Mr. & Mrs. Forbes

Last Thursday we left for Colorado and met up with my cousin, Adam, his parents, my uncle Bill & aunt Judy, and his brother, my cousing Tod and adorable family! Since it was Uncle Bill's birthday, we went to Casa Bonita for dinner - this fun and unique restaurant with cliff divers and the works! Thursday was the sealing - BEAUTIFUL - and Friday was the Reception - INCREDIBLE! Truly, I cannot believe how amazing the reception was. The Berry's had it in their backyard. I'll have to add a few of those pics as well. Their family was SO warm and inviting - Priya ate up all of the attention and was a cute little squealer!