Thursday, August 07, 2008

Colorado Continued

Here are a few pics from Adam & Tessa's wedding. I WISH my camera had been charged for Jon & Rainah's wedding! That's ok - I'll just look @ everyone else's photos :)

Back to Co, we had a great time. It was also great to see Anne and her family on Friday! Her husband is currently training to go overseas with the Army.

Anyway, it was BEAUTIFUL - I could definitly consider living there! Maybe it'd be a little better if it wasn't in the middle of a heat wave, but over all, it was very nice! Anne even took us to this GREAT Alpine Slide and drove us through Red Rock park as the sun was going down - nice!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos as always! What a beautiful wedding.
As for Priya, she's a curious one. You can't keep her hidden!
Dad H

Cheri said...

Great photos!!! That looked like a beautiful reception. How fun!

Wendy said...


You seriously are so talented! I loved these photos!