Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ya never get sick of 'em - unless they're yours of course ;)

I do have some real thoughts I'd like to post someday... but until I actually get to it, I'll just post cute pictures of relatives instead - this time, it's of one of the only nephews I have - out of 16 nieces and nephews from my husband's family and mine combined, little T-man is only one of 4 boys surrounded by females :) You're a cutie, little T!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Up close and personal

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So here's the almost finished redo - Sarah I hope you still like it!

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Friday, May 12, 2006

I don't have much time, but I just wanted to announce that Old Blue has gone the way of Nemo... except that he wasn't still alive :( Yesterday I changed the water and he was swimming around like a crazy maniac... followed by periods of irractional vertical and horizontial floating and then more manic swimming... I guess the stress of changing water coupled with last weeks fight were just too much... :( I can't believe I killed him...He died in cold blood... wait...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Whoever wants it...

So I did this painting and don't really want it so... The stuff on the sides is actually kinda light purple and I'll even add some little flowers or something to the branches if you want. So whatdoya say? Free art! One of a kind! Otherwise I'll put it in a closet and pull it out on Holloween. :) Posted by Picasa


I have yet to quejarme or murmurar about my family's recent trip to THAILAND so I thought I would just take that opportunity now :) I mean, REALLY - who would WANT to go anyway! Gorgeous beaches, exotic lands, really cheap food... What a disaster! I mean I really feel sorry for my parents, younger brother, younger sister and niece that all went for a week a little while ago to meet up with my brother who decided to take his R&R from the army in Thailand. I'm sure they were all really sad to be FORCED to take this amazing trip to a mysterious and far off country - Or NOT! I mean, REALLY! They've been to more foreign lands than I have and I'm at LEAST 8.5 years older! And I served a mission! In a far of land! Even 2 slightly younger "niece/nephews" of mine probably could have gone, but for some reason their possibly slightly more sane parents didn't seem to think that a 12 and 15 year old wander around a unfamiliar continent was that good of an idea.
So that's it. I wish I had gotten to go and ride an elephant while talking on a cell phone! - The funny thing is that if I wasn't doing such a dumb thing like trying to finish school and GRADUATE, I probably could have!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


For those of you who don't know, I am the proud mother of two little beta fish - aka fighting fish - or so I was told.... It all started in February when Joe was out of town for a group project in Mexico - rough life, I know. Anyway, I was reading this book and it said that it was healthy to have pets so... I got one! Rosie (Vincent) became my first beta. Well, soon after my neighbors found out there was a beta in need of rescuing! Luckly I had a tank that would accomidate 2, so... Well, yesterday as I was cleaning the tank, Old Blue made a break for it! 3 times he jumped the wall and was a bid dazed and confused after the final attempt! You'd think that after that, the sucker would take a break - But no! Today when I left the cover off the tank, Old Blue jumped the the divider! Luckly for him and not so lucky for Rosie, he landed in the other side! When I realized I was horrified! When I evven just allow them to see each other, they go nuts! So I was relieved when I realized they were just poking around! Whew! I guess so much for them being fighters!

Post Script - Apparently things weren't quite as friendly as I thought - poor Blue seems to be a little worse for the wear... Definatly not his best week!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Families can be ...

Just another experiment in photography! :)
Taken April 27, 2006
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Standardized ... SNAKES!!

Actually, Joe doesn't start working until NEXT Monday - I on the other hand started YESTERDAY! Whew! No rest for the .... oh, never mind! Boy, did we have a GREAT weekend last ... well, weekend with our friends and family! What a rush! Wait -what was I talking about? Oh! My job! I'm back at my elementary school of choice tutoring kids in Math and Reading as well as helping with/translating standardized tests for the young'ens!
What else am I supposed to be announcing?...

Well, who knows... but there was a SNAKE in my yard this weekend! YIKES!! It was like 2 feet long!! And was about 6 inches from my hand! I thought my dad had tossed a fake one on the ground near me! I mean, Maddy has fake snakes around all the time! HOWEVER, this one was NOT fake! GET OUT!

Graduate and Workin Away!

As far as the promised announcements... here's one for ya! Joe and I graduated! Well, at least Joe did - I just pretended since I'm not really done till August. But we figured it was probably best I walked NOW, especially since we didn't have a CLUE where we'd be come August...

Which Brings Us to Announcement #2 - As I indicated before, Joe got a job at a Enginering Co. in Springville called Wencor! We ARE happy to be staying here and working on our house! I just have way too many ideas - which is pretty crazy since I've never been really good with the decorating thing! On the other hand, having ideas doesn't really make them GOOD ideas... so I still might not be very good at the decorating thing..... Oh well! I guess I'M the one who has to listen to it, so BLAH! I want to put in more pics and this post doesn't seem to want to let me do that so... on to the next one! Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

SO this is a pic I took this last weekend as I was messing around with a new camera I got - It's not nessisaraly a super great pic but I still like it - I call it "Heaven and Earth" - cheezey, huh? :) But hey - it's kinda fun :) Posted by Picasa