Thursday, May 04, 2006


For those of you who don't know, I am the proud mother of two little beta fish - aka fighting fish - or so I was told.... It all started in February when Joe was out of town for a group project in Mexico - rough life, I know. Anyway, I was reading this book and it said that it was healthy to have pets so... I got one! Rosie (Vincent) became my first beta. Well, soon after my neighbors found out there was a beta in need of rescuing! Luckly I had a tank that would accomidate 2, so... Well, yesterday as I was cleaning the tank, Old Blue made a break for it! 3 times he jumped the wall and was a bid dazed and confused after the final attempt! You'd think that after that, the sucker would take a break - But no! Today when I left the cover off the tank, Old Blue jumped the the divider! Luckly for him and not so lucky for Rosie, he landed in the other side! When I realized I was horrified! When I evven just allow them to see each other, they go nuts! So I was relieved when I realized they were just poking around! Whew! I guess so much for them being fighters!

Post Script - Apparently things weren't quite as friendly as I thought - poor Blue seems to be a little worse for the wear... Definatly not his best week!

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Compulsive Indecision said...

So, at least your fish had somewhere to jump other than to its death . . . But then, I don't even know if I told you all about that--I started a post on my blog that week, but, well . . .