Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Standardized ... SNAKES!!

Actually, Joe doesn't start working until NEXT Monday - I on the other hand started YESTERDAY! Whew! No rest for the .... oh, never mind! Boy, did we have a GREAT weekend last ... well, weekend with our friends and family! What a rush! Wait -what was I talking about? Oh! My job! I'm back at my elementary school of choice tutoring kids in Math and Reading as well as helping with/translating standardized tests for the young'ens!
What else am I supposed to be announcing?...

Well, who knows... but there was a SNAKE in my yard this weekend! YIKES!! It was like 2 feet long!! And was about 6 inches from my hand! I thought my dad had tossed a fake one on the ground near me! I mean, Maddy has fake snakes around all the time! HOWEVER, this one was NOT fake! GET OUT!

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