Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaps & Bounds!

This photos is from a few days ago when my sis in law brought her cutie kids over for a mini-
photo-shoot :) So fun!

However, the real story was yesterday - it seemed like my little sprout did just that and acquired a bunch of new skills and a new level of understanding over night! For starters, she has been struggling to sit up for long periods of time. Not that she "can't" really.... more that she's too squirmy to really do it for long, especially when she insists on siting bolt upright most of the time! Well, not any longer! Yesterday joe set her down and 10 min later, she was still just happily sitting there, playing with some toys as we got ready for church!

Secondly, at church she started playing this new game with the man sitting behind us - one where she'd start by giving him a nice smile, then when he smiled back, she'd bury her head in my shoulder, all shy like - Yah Right! Not this child! But it was fun to see her play with him like that!

She also decided she likes walking! For the last few weeks, she's been insisting on being held in a standing position almost always. However, yesterday she started repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other as we hold her fingers and she "dances" on tip-toes half of the time :)

All of that, combined with GINORMOUS smiles she can't seem to contain and eating PILES of food last night before bed and I have to say this girl is growing by leaps and bounds! Cliche, i know :)


D and S Heaton said...

Wow, what progress. She seems to be back in true form after the teething episode. Thanks for sharing her life with us.

Dad H

Wendy said...

Wow! What an early bloomer! I am glad you get to go through everything first so Sophie and I can learn from you and Priya. We are so lucky!