Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And another thing....!

This photo is from a few weeks ago and was on my phone, but I liked it and thought I'd share :)
Our little girl has been in the habit of waking once or twice in the middle of the night for a bottle. But other than the fiasco of last week when she was teething hard core, she usually just takes the bottle and quickly falls back to sleep without any problems. Occasionally when an unnamed parent that was not her mother would get her, said person would let her fall asleep on his chest as he sat in our big comfy recliner in her room and there they would both snooze for a few hours, a few nights a week. No harm done, right? Rather cute, you might say - WRONG! For the past two nights when our little "angel" has woken up for her usually night time snacks, instead of peacefully drifting back to sleep, she has screamed and whined, until one of us picks her up. The MOMENT one of us holds her to our chest, she snuggles up and starts drifting off to la la land! What happens if you try and put her back down? Guess! :) Needless, to say, this is a habit that I'm hoping soon to break!
Oh, and her other front tooth cut through! At least it didn't seem to hurt as much, though I think I made it bleed as I was "brushing her teeth" tonight :( But she's eating real food like never before and making sure to bite the spoon with every mouthful!
This has been quite the week for this little one! And it's only Tuesday!


Anne said...

Just wait until she start crawling -- then you'll really be on your toes!

Wendy said...

She is growing up so fast! How do you keep up?!