Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah - FAR from Plain!

I can't help it -I have to briefly post about the VP Candidate, Sarah Palin! She seems like an amazing woman, who is not afraid to be tough and stand for what's right, and some how is able to maintain a very feminine appeal. To be honest, I'm grateful for Hillary and the path she has blazed for women everywhere! She has also made it easier for Sarah to show that you don't have to give up her femininity to be in politics.

Maybe I'm not saying things right. I just thought she was amazing and tough and easy to relate to as I heard her last night at the Rep. Convention (which I have NEVER had any desire to watch before by the way!) I am excited for politics in a way I never have been and currently could not be happier about McCain's choice for VP!

My father-in-law wrote an article analyzing her honestly thus far at -it's not long- check it out!
I can't wait to see how things shape up now with her on the ticket!

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Anne said...

I didn't watch her speech but I am impressed with the research I have done on her. I was really touched to hear about her prenatal response to finding out her son has DS. It will definitely be a historical election with either Obama as president (shudder ;) or Palin as VP. I love the posters in your entry.

D and S Heaton said...

It's funny how critical people are of her if the politicians in Washington had anything to brag about. Approval ratings in the tank, social and economic problems, failed policies...could a newcomer do any worse?
200 years ago our structure was set up to elect intelligent and articulate men who lived like the electorate. We've since included the other half of the population.
Palin is smart and well-spoken...and most of all, able to relate to the way I live.
Obama, Biden, and McCain cannot.
Time will tell if she survives the campaign.

Wendy said...

I think she is a breath of fresh air to Washington politics! Jacob can attest, I have become addicted to the election coverage since she was announced as the VP pick. And I think that all the negative press she is getting is just making more and more people want to support her.

Gaviota said...

"Oh yeah, and that old guy too"? Ja ja ja...Brillante. Creo que todos en Estados Unidos están demostrando interés en la política como no ha sucedido desde hace mucho tiempo. Y yo desde Uruguay estoy pendiente, muy pendiente.

Tisha said...

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