Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Since my write your own posting hasn't seemed all that popular, I though I'd return to the fail safe plan of posting cute pictures of my relatives :)

WOW!! These are my husband's nieces and nephew. The cutie little baby was just born a few weeks ago. Now for that reason alone, this is a great picture... BUT! Check out the other kids!! Especially that red head on the right - how old do you think that kid is? Well, whatever you guess, he's at least 3 years younger! What a cute bunch of turkeys!!! (as my mom would say) :)
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AnaBanana said...

Had I not been obsessed with a puzzle, I would have played fill-in-the-blanks. (I can't go on vacation if the puzzle is not finished, I can't exercise before the puzzle is finished or else little sweet pea would've helped in his three year old way, and I can't put the puzzle back in the box without finishing it because then the puzzle would've beaten me!)

Una Tonteria said...

Well, I'm glad you beat it! :)