Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Photography!

I've decided to start spreading the word that I'd really like to get some more experience with photography and therefore am willing to take pictures for FREE! Well, ok, not QUITE free, but only because I only have a good film camera and film doesn't grow on trees! So for about $7 a roll I would be willing to take a bunch of pics and get them developed and put on CD for ya! I'll even play around with a few of them, if you like, giving different options in croping, coloring etc.! So there you go! Just let me know if there's anything B's Photography can do for you! :D I've even got a few other sample pics so let me know and I'll email 'em to ya!

I know, this may sound a little odd, but hey! how else am I going to become a professional amature photographer! ;)
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Que Sera said...

That's really cool that you're starting to do photography. That takes some talent, to be able to do that. You-know-who's wedding pictures look great! She looks so pretty! If you want, you can practice on me. I just sold a bunch of my books back, so I'm loaded!

Una Tonteria said...

Well, I'll be happy to unload some of that cash whenever you want! :) (after finals and our parents leave, of course :D)