Sunday, April 06, 2008

When the adventure REALLY began!

So, now that I figured out how to do these slideshow, web album stuff, I've gotten excited to share some of the photos we've been shooting since our little Sweetheart's birth. So, what I'm gonna do is add at least a batch or two a day until I've caught up! Hopefully then I'll just keep things up to date, with more commentary and milestones instead of just photos... but for now we'll just do what we can! Plus, the slideshows are quick, so hopefully you won't get too sick of them! :)
I decided to start with the begining! The night before Priya was born Joe took a few photos of my "girth" just because he was messing around with the camera. I wasn't due for another week, so we really didn't think anything much would be happening any time soon! Little did we know, contractions would start about an hour after these photos were taken! MAN! Those suckers are definitly NOT pleasant! It was about 7 hours before I got an epidural and let me tell you, THAT was long enough for me! Later, after several more hours of contractions and over an hour of pushing, I ended up getting a c-section anyway, so the contractions were mostly in vain... but at least I can say I've been there!
Tomorrow I'll post photos from the first few hours of our cutie girl's life!

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sarah said...

I lve ya, Bree!