Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hospital Day 3 - The "Blue Light Special"

Am I giving you all too many details? I'm sure it's just because she's my first, but I can't help it! I just can't help thinking everyone is as interested in my little cutie as much as I am! :)

Early in the morning of our 3rd day in the hospital... meaning like 3 or 4 am early! They told us our baby's billirubin levels were too high and would have to be put under lights in the nursery and I lost it. LOL - ok maybe it was just the exhaustion kicking in since I hadn't really slept yet that night and had just had a COMPLETE melt down over whether or not to give Priya pacifier! Turns out it was really good I'd consented cuz this little kiddo has an overactive desire to suck, plus once she was under the blue lights, there wasn't much else we could do to comfort her and they absolutely did NOT want us to take her out of her little blue bed more than once every 3 hours and that was just to feed her! Even though I started producing milk by either the 3rd or 4th day, they also had us feed her formula through a tiny tube with a syringe to help clear the extra billirubin out of her system. Not having her in our room nearly KILLED me... not that I was completely against the nursery taking her every once in a while, but to ALWAYS have her be in there... dang! I could barely WALK, much less stand by her bed in the nursery after I got there so though I went down there as often as I could for as long as I could.... let's just say I was going through mommy withdrawal! LOL in fact there were times we didn't call the nurses right away after she was finished feeding just so that we could HOLD her for a while!

Thankfully, after a day that seemed to last FOREVER, someone finally suggested that they might be able to move her bed into our room! We were so excited! Though that then meant that our room glowed a constant blue, it was worth it just to be able to see her whenever we wanted and go rub her little feeties when she needed comforting. In truth, she grew to like her little "de"tanning booth and hardly ever cried unless it was time to eat! And even better, she's about the same now - she only is fussy every once in a while and there always is something we can do to help her calm down again. PLUS! She sleeps 7-9 hours at night! Truly, she's an angel and we're so lucky to have such a wonderful and happy baby!

As you'll see, this is just the beginning of our battle with Jaundice... and though it seemed like a big deal to us at the time... we realize how amazingly blessed we are that her trials have been so minor so far in her amazing little life! Now if she could only learn how to change her own diaper... ;)


Julie said...

I can totally relate with the stress of having your newborn be under the lights. When Lindsay was a baby she was under the lights too for a few days. We were fortunate enough that we were already home so we got to do it at home.

Priya's Mommy aka Bree :) said...

We had to do them at home too! I'm sorry to hear that about Linsay.. luckly everyone seems good and healthy now!!

Chelsea said...

lol i have to laugh at your meltdown b/c i definitely relate. and i completely understand the binky thing. i waited a few weeks to give henry a binky but jack just needed to suck so much from the beginning. i'm glad i started it on day 2. i was less worried about nipple confusions and what not this time, but you always wonder if you're about to make a big mistake.