Monday, April 07, 2008

Hospital Day 2 and How Priya Got Her Name

For those of you wondering how she got her name... here's the story:

For MONTHS we've been struggling to pick a name for our baby. We knew we probably wouldn't name her until we actually saw her, but STILL, we needed options and we were not coming up with very many! About 2 weeks before she was born I saw the photo of a beautiful little girl named Priya (Pree-ya) in an adoption magazine. I thought it sounded pretty, so I looked it up online and found it was an Indian name that means Sweetheart or Beloved. Joe, of course, was a little hesitant, but thought it sounded ok, so we added it to our not very extensive list. I loved it,... but to be honest, I never thought Joe would go for it :)

Well, after the c-section, Joe had about an hour and a half alone with our little princess. When we were finally together again he asked if any names had stuck out to me. Since I hadn't really seen her yet, I really didn't have much of a clue... though I thought for sure he'd want to name her Adara. Before, I had been pushing Brynnleigh Brook or Ella Jo (the 2nd after 2 of our grandmas) but I knew he wasn't a big fan of either. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, Joe was basically enchanted by her long beautifully curled eyelashes and decided she needed a more exotic/girly name and for him Priya fit the bill! Not that I was sad about that - I LOVE the name! So Priya it was!
Now, how she got her middle name is a completely different story! We'll have to save that for another time :)


Anne said...

I just thought you remembered the name from someone we went to school with!

Chelsea said...

i thought it was a name you picked up on your mission. adara is a pretty one, too.

i just found your blog. now i can keep up on pix of your little cutie pie. i'll send you an invite to my blog. [it's private.]

Carol said...

Bree, she is just adorable! Well done! I love her name, perfect for her!