Monday, April 28, 2008

Way back when she was 1.... week:)

Well, I never posted photos from when she was 1 week old, so I guess today is the day! As you'll see, this was QUITE the day for photos in her life! It was the LAST time she had to sleep in that AWEFUL suitcase of blue lights that was much to little to fit ANY normal sized baby, it was when my mom was there to help me do a little baby photo shoot and it was her 1 week old birthday party!! Yes, we had a party... cake and all! Actually, it was Grandma Heaton's birthday too, and not just her one week birthday either :) Mostly, it was just a good reason to get together the family and eat some good food! Grandma Heaton had flown in the day before and this was her first meeting with Baby Loves :D

This was her last nap in the "suitcase":

Here comes Mommy with the camera!

And now it's time to Party!


Cheri said...

Those week old pictures are so cute! I also love your new header. It's super cute.

The Smith Family said...

I love your blog Bree. Priya is adorable! My oldest had jaundice and had to go back into the Hospital when he was 3 days old. I was heartbroken. It can be a scary thing.
It's fun getting to know you through your blog (for now).
I will be in Utah for a couple months this summer. It would be fun to get together at some point~ if you want.
Take care. Kiss that sweet baby for me!