Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Digress-thoghts on American Idol

Ok, so I actually have a really good reason for not updating this thing for about a week now. The thing is, I've actually been pretty dang sick and the thought of sitting here and typing was just horrifying... don't worry, we're better now, though baby Priya unfortunatly joined us on the family sick-o van for a few days.
Anyway, I would like to digress from family news to have a "water-cooler" discussion about AI. That's right, I'm talking about American Idol. Specifically, I'd like to discuss Carly being kicked off this week, when CLEARLY she had one of the most AMAZING performances of the season, much less the night. Why then, was she kicked off? Personally, I think it's because of the average American's lack of knowledge about the show Jesus Christ Superstar. For me, it was the very first "Broadway" show I had ever seen, having been introduced to it mostly because of my Uncle's absolute infatuation with the show. I was taught to see the show as a possible idea of what it might have been like to see inside Judas's head and better understand who he might have been. Now, I'm not saying that this show is a huge faith promoter or anything like that, but I have grown to really love the show and appreciate much of it's music.... however, I'm afraid that once you've gotten over the probable innitial shock of the show, one might forget what a shock it could be to other people. Anyway, that's what I think happened to Carly... I was SO moved and excited by her performance, and was SHOCKED that she was in the bottom 2... but then I wasn't as shocked. Not that she should have been there.... it IS supposed to be about talent and performance and not just the song isn't it.... But I digress...
Oh, and by the way, Google Reader is the BOMB!(Dawg!) What an awesome way to quickly know who's blogs etc have been updated so you don't have to waste time checking tons of blogs needlessly, or forget which ones you actually wanna check cuz there are just too many of them! Way to go, Google!


Bryan Schmidt said...

I agree with you on two points here. I think that Carly was voted off for the same reason Lakisha was voted off two seasons ago: Religious content. I think that most people tend to turn off their attention when something that makes them uncomfortable comes up. I really think Carly should have made it to the Top 4.
Also, Google Reader really is the best way to keep up with people's lives (those that have a blog anyway). I used to have all the blogs neatly arranged in my Favorites Folders, but it got too tedious and I would neglect some too often.
Go Google!

Priya's Mommy aka Bree :) said...

I LOVE that someone responded to this - I'd even be fine if someone disagreed! I just think it's crazy is all - that was an amazing performance - thanks Bryan!