Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 Months and 3 Inches!

That's right - my little inchworm has grown 3! in the last 2 months! It was such a big leap that the nurse measured her again just to be sure! She also weighs 10 lbs 5 oz - not as much as her dad and I thought, but getting up there!
To celebrate her 2 month mark (and just because it's nice to have an excuse to get some family together :) we had a little party on Monday. It was an AMAZING day, especially earlier in the afternoon, and she had some fun sporting her new Sun Hat! :) Here are a few photos:

If you notice, most of the photos are NOT with her mom or dad, but with her UNCLE CRAIGY!!! She LOVES her uncle! It seems that no matter how grumply she is before hand, as soon as she SEES - not just hears, touches or is held by, but even just SEES her Uncle Craig, the smiles start flowing! LOL - I love it. I feel SO lucky that he and several of Priya's other Aunts and Uncles live close, because I think extended family is SO important! I just wish she had a few cousins close by... maybe soon!

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Cheri said...

Hey Bree, it's Cheri Heaton! Congrats on your beautiful new girl. We have a blog too. It's I hope you don't mind, but I put a link on mine to yours so we can be blogging buds.