Sunday, April 06, 2008

Priya's Blessing

I just figured out how to create these web albums - Dang! This is for me! It's MUCH easier than uploading one at a time! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! These are more 1 month and blessing photos! I love it! :)

Priya was blessed last Sunday and was BEAUTIFUL! We were EXTREEMLY blessed to have Every Single Member of the immidate Heaton family there, as well as my Wonderful parents and amazing oldest brother! We were also blessed to have many fantastic friends and additional family members there.... it was MUCH more than we could have possible hoped for! Because of my little brother's recent battle with cancer, we weren't sure there would be many people to share this special time with, which we compleatly understood! However, the outpouring of love and support from our families and friends has been beyond anything we could have hoped for. Even those who haven't been able to physically be with us have given us SO much through their words, calls, gifts, drawings and prayers! They can't possibly know how much they have blessed our lives.

Joe was so nervous... understandably, it was daunting to give her such a special blessing for her special little life! However, it was wonderful, beautiful and inspiring! Now I just need to talk to her Auntie Emily to help remember all the wonderful things she has been blessed with :)

Thank you again... This little girl is a more amazing gift to our little family than we could have ever have imagined...


Scott and Alison said...

She is SO beautiful!!!

And YAY for blogs! I added you to my list :)

Mine is

Priya's Mommy aka Bree :) said...

Thanks Alison!

Wendy said...

Hi Bree! I still think that Priya is lovely. :) You are such a cute little family.

Wendy F

Rhien Family said...

I LOVE these pictures. What a beautiful baby girl. Alli just stared, and wanted to watch the pictures over and over.

Priya's Mommy aka Bree :) said...

Laura, that is so cute!! Thanks!

Priya's Mommy aka Bree :) said...
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