Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Day Off!! (Kind of :)

For once Joe got to stay home on a holiday (Yay!) No, he doesn't have some pressing carrer that requires him to work holidays - he just has a silly employer that thinks it's better to give a couple 'floating' holidays than actually give the guys the day off when normal people stay home! (not that I have an opinion ;)  Oh, I guess I like the floating holidays too... let's just give 'em both and call it good - Deal?  Well, it was worth a shot!  Who am I kidding?  Today I'm just glad he has a job and he likes it and the future looks decent- 3 things to be grateful for - but enough of my tangent!

We had a great weekend complete with a trip to TGP (Thanksgiving Point) and a lot of family time (yay for siblings and kids!) and then on Monday decided to take on our yard a bit!  In case you don't remember what it looked like at the beginning of the summer, check out Joe & Pee wee here :)

After months of work and care, we finally have GREEN!  We've been slow often times to cut it because it's still just baby grass (and, well, we forget :) but yesterday it was CUT and EDGED! AND we added red lava rock to the front along the sidewalk - doesn't that sounds cool? LAVA rock...lava lava lava...ROCK (easily entertained :)

And here are the results!  Ok, again just taken with my cell, but at least you get the idea!  You can even see the construction going on across the street -wild!  It's taking lest time to build those houses than it took for us to get grass!

So THAT'S what we did with a day off... well, sort of :)  We still were parents and still had to, ya know, take care of them and all, but still!!

Next day off... repaint THIS!


Wendy said...

Love the grass and the bench! Wow, your yard has come quite a long way. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Nice lawn. Isn't it great?
Only it isn't like Chicago or Milwaukee. Lawns in Utah are thirsty all the time.

Good Job!
Dad H.