Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 6 Month Old :)

While doing a family photo shoot for my friend Wendy (her 'unrefined' favs (meaning I have yet to really put my hands on them :) can be seen on her blog here) I took advantage of the moment and snapped a few of my little guy! I don't know why I love this top one so much, but I do :) Here are a few favorites and some messing around I did with them :)

There are others, but I think this will suffice :)  The one that's in the group of 4 is my favorite, I think.. though I'm never really very sure :)  Last Friday on the big day we were horrible parents and bought Krispy Kreme which we shared with him, much to his delight!  Priya made him a card and we sang "Happy 1/2 birthday!"
I cannot express the joy this little guy brings to my heart!  He smiles, often at the drop of a hat and those eyes could melt the coldest heart - Truly, little man, you are a Gift from God!
Here's to many a birthday ... 1/2 birthday more! :D (and keep smiling when your mom tries to take pictures - it makes her happy! See Wo's of a Mom Photographer :)
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Wendy said...

He is just too adorable! I have never wanted a boy (in fact I have hoped we never get one), but he could change my mind! Give him some lovies and squeezes from us! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the serious one, bottom left-hand corner.
He's a keeper.
Grampa H

Tessa and Adam said...

cute cute cute! Love it!