Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vids of my Kids :)

1st off, my baby is WAY too big!  What in the world?!  He's going to be 6 MONTHS in just over a week - madness :)   (every mom sounds like this, doesn't she?oh well - might as well embrace it) He's also decided he's ready to be a 'sitter' so way to go him!  So to kick of our vids of the kids here are 2 of him - one from Monday sitting on a ... whatever you wanna call the thinger, which Joe for some reason feels the need to push - the kid can hardly sit and he's trying to take him for a joy ride! Boys! :)
This next one is of him tonight- I know, the quality on both of these  is horrid, shot on my cell phone, but I think his personality outshines the video quality, especially on the first one! ;)
Kids - they grow up so fast ;)

Our last kid vid is of P. yesterday recording a video for her uncle in Iraq - it's nothin fancy, but it's cute to see her little face :D

Well, that's it for this episode of 'Vids of my Kids - tune in next time for Priya starting high school!  Or...not ;)

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Anonymous said...

They are darlings.
Thanks for sharing.
Dad H