Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bread Maddness!

Last Saturday I decided to take a bread making class from our new downstairs tenant, Adrian!  Well, it seemed so easy I got the necessary ingredients and Sunday made THESE top 2!  Italian bread and STUFFED CRUST PIZZA!  Actually, the pizza was a team effort, but I made the bread - SOO good!  And start to finish, the bread is done in 1 HOUR! (10 min prep folks, that's it!)

Well, it went so well, I decided to do another half batch (this is a 4 loaf recipe mind you), however this time things did not go so well - flour stuck to the bottom of the bowl, runny beyond imagination... I couldn't figure it out!  I managed to salvage a couple lame loafs, but a work of art it was not!
Yesterday, however, we were having an end of summer BBQ and I was DETERMINED I was at least going to make a loaf of Italian bread to share, if not some rolls but AGAIN things were not going right - I couldn't figure it out!  I'd add flour, and it would look like it was going to work, but then it would turn back into a bowl of soupy mess!!  Gross!  I worked it and worked it in the bowl, adding more and more flour.  After probably 20 minutes (this stuff is supposed to only mix for 5 mind you) I realized my mistake!  While I halved the recipe, I FORGOT to half the WATER!  No WONDER I had a mess! I quickly added more ingredients and below are some of the results!  Beautiful, if I do so say myself!


Some were lighter and fluffier than others, but after all of that I'm just happy I came out with anything edible!  Thanks Adrian and I can't wait for the next class! YUMM-O!

Post Script: Adrian is an instructor for Pantry Secrets and if you'd like to take her next class, I'm sure she'd love to have you!  You can find info on her classes here:


Wendy said...

They all look so delicious!

Sue W said...

beautiful and yummy looking!

Suegramma said...

Yummers! Great job, Bree! I can't tell you how many times I've made a mess of it when I half, double, triple, whatever--smart lady to figure out what the problem was.

Pam said...

These look so good! My mouth is watering. They look like they're off the shelf of some hight end bakery! Way to go! :)

Unas Tontarias said...

thanks so much everyone! It's really been so much fun-I love making it for people :) Have an awesome day!