Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Whole 5 MONTHS OLD!!

Our little Princess turned 5 months old yesterday! Here are the stats:
13 lbs 13 oz
26.75 inches
That keep her in the 29th % for weight and the 96.25th% for length! Very like her 2nd cousin Rex! (without the crankiness:) And I thought she'd put on some weight this time! I guess she just isn't meant for chunky baby-ness :)
Here are a few (ok, a lot) of photos from a quick photo shoot yesterday! Not as artistic as Cheri's, but at least their something! Maybe I'll get a chance to play with them a little one of these days! :) I'm kinda sad because a neighbor wanted to take photos of babies to build her portfolio, so I let her take some of Priya around her 4 month mark. Granted, it turned out not to be a very smiley day for her, but the neighbor hasn't ever shown me any of the pictures... I guess I figured she'd give us copies, but I guess I was wrong :( That's what I get for assuming!


Wendy said...

What fun and cute pictures! She loves the camera and is so photogenic. Good work! Thanks for sharing them. Love you guys!

Tamahana said...

Bree!!! Your little Priya is soooo incredibly adorable! Almost makes me wish I had a little girly too...!

Cheri said...

Are you kidding? Those are beautiful, perfect pictures. SHe hure is smiley, too! You gotta take advantage of taking pictures before she learns to escape. Rex won't hold still at all and it drives me crazy. (That's why his best pictures include food. It keeps him still.) Anyhow, beautiful work (with the pics and with priya).

Anonymous said...

She looks so big sitting up. And she does have a great smile.
So she's a little thin. Someday she'll pray for that!

Dad H