Friday, July 18, 2008

Lemke Fun without us! :(

A bunch of my family just went to Door County WI last weekend and were messin around with my Dad's new 4-wheeler! Even my MOM was tearin it up! There's a shot of the cliffs by my Grandma's house, then a couple of Brenty doing cancer stuff... no one has really told me what that was about yet, but I liked the pics! :)
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Cheri said...

Hey, looks like you changed it without losing your other stuff! Good work. I only had trouble with that with Pyzam. Other than that, it stayed. However, when I was using Pyzam I ended up retyping all the links like 5 times. It always made me so mad. I don't know if they've fixed that now or not. Anyhow, cute background. Good work.

Also, I love the pic of Priya with her head lying down in the grass. So cute!