Wednesday, July 09, 2008


You know, I just can't believe how quickly Priya is developing new skills. Just over the last 2 weeks she has really mastered the roll over (unfortunately, that means she really enjoys sleeping on her stomach, much to her mother's dismay and horror), she is cooing and "singing"(aka skreaching) all over the place and the thought and carefulness that goes into grabbing things is just amazing! You can definitely see some of her father's engineer brain functioning there as you see the wheels turning every time she's presented with a new situation! She's already fascinated with any type of harness, remote or, (thanks to Uncle Jon) cell phone! It's just amazing. The craziest thing is that I keep thinking I can wait to record this stuff, expecting each stage to last longer than it does! Sometimes I just wonder where the rewind button is on this thing! (and maybe at times the mute ;)


Bryan Schmidt said...

They grow up too fast sometimes. Someone really needs to invent a TiVo for infants, so we can pause them at a certain age for a while :D

Malea said...

I can't believe she's already rolling over! I obviously have been MIA for way too long! I'm so glad we'll see you tonight!