Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joey!

So it's Daddy Joey's birthday today! The sad part is that he's not even here so we can celebrate together! Its actually neat for him because he gets to go to Martins Cove with the youth, so you could say he gets a really awesome birthday present! Here are a few reasons why I love him :)

*He's a great dad and loves our daughter more than anything, and she loves him, as illustrated in the video below!
*He's patient and keeps working at things even when it seems like we could not be from more distant planets!
*He's funny, even when I pretend he isn't (shh.. don't tell him that!) :)
*He's religious and faithful and always striving to stay worthy to hold the Priesthood
*He comes from a wonderful family that I love!
*He loves my family as if they were his own
*He can and WILL fix anything you place in front of him, even if you don't want him to!
All in all, he's a pretty great guy! Love you Joey! Can't wait for you to come home! Oh, and if you're wondering why the photos of Joe really aren't very much of Joe... well, I recently had to do a PC "clense" we shall call it, and so my photos etc are very limited currently to pull from! That's ok, he's got a cute side-kick at least! ;)


Cheri said...

Happy B-day to your hubby!

To answer your question, I usually use my normal little camera, but here and there I borrow my sister's Nikon. It's big and hefty, but I only use it when I'm trying to do a shoot. I think her's is a D50. It's a model they don't sell anymore. I love it (and covet it).

Anonymous said...

Joe is lucky to have a patient and appreciative wife!
~Dad Heaton