Sunday, June 27, 2010


No, I don't have the promised ballet photos yet - whoops!  It's been quite a few weeks! First off, we were sprinting to get things ready for a big YW recognition night on June 16th and then on Father's Day my parents came in town for a week to hang out and celebrate Alysse's graduation from 'beauty school'!  She'll start in on the Skin Academy and become a master esthetision  (sp?) starting in the fall - she's amazing and I'm sure will do big things!  Then next week we'll take a little trip to Wisconsin for a while and leave Joe here while we hang with the Lemke, and hopefully some of the Heaton clans!
This last week has really been a ton of fun, with my mom helping me organize and clean out the kids clothes, my dad cutting down trees and mile high weeds and just playing, having fun with all of the cousins with movie nights, swimming, jump on it, boodocks and lots of other fun adventures!  I think one of the neatest things is that P. was finally big enough to do more of the fun things and the second neatest thing is that I wasn't so big, so I could do some of the things as well! :D  It's been a blast being able to do things with her and just have fun without worrying about a big ol' belly... well, at least not quite as big!! :D
In another note, Brayden has got to be the smiley-est kid ever!!  That baby is always flashing a smile and mom, dad and even strangers!  Its so funny because almost every time you ask him a question, he replies with a grin - we are just so blessed by our crazy and happy kiddos!  We'll see if we can post Alysse's grad. invite and some of the YW stuff I've worked on lately - have a beautiful day!
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