Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More of Grandma's Visit!

I was so sad when I realized I didn't take any photos of our Wii playing and all the other fun thing we did with the fam while Grandma Heaton was here!  We had a great time with the 'ray ray', 'ry'?, 'jon-o' and 'rainy' but apparently that's all only documented in video :)  Maybe we post that another day - Mom beating Joe at Wii sword fighting was pretty intense! :D  And Jon and Joe jamming was definitely over too soon!  So much talent it's out of control!  Hopefully Jon will get a chance to share some of the tracks he and his brother in law are recording someday soon!
What I DO have is a few photos from after church Sunday- first my Peewee again :)  Then here are my 2 dapper dudes :)  Joe had to go get his suit-coat.  You'd think now that he's kind of a leader at church (EQP) he'd wear a coat with his suit pants more often, but no :)  Still the same Joe!
Below that is Grandma, then me - notice my photographer didn't have quite the same skill level as in the other shots ;)
At the bottom is a picture Mom got from Grandma Ella's house - it was Grandpa Garth's and I believe his dad is in the photo... is that right Mom?
Well, that's us for now!  Enjoy your day and my cutie fam!

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Suegramma said...

I had SO much fun out there! These photos are just great. My shoulders are still stiff from all of the wii effort, ESPECIALLY my canoeing achievements....

And yup, the guy on the left is my grandpa Ralph Clifford Gregersen on the left, then his brother, father James Christian Gregersen, and his other two brothers.


Unas Tontarias said...

Thanks! Mom, I'm not sure if you saw there were actually 2 posts about your visit just to make sure you see all of your beautiful photos :D

Wendy said...

Everyone looks so great! I especially love Priya's dress. Darling!

Unas Tontarias said...

Thanks Wend! Believe it or not, it was a Walmart clearance item I believe - I love it!