Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been a year...

So, I guess I'm waxing a bit nostalgic tonight. It's been a year since we've moved into our house today and I can't help but reflect on all of the fun, amazing, sad & tragic things that have happened in that year. I can't help thinking about the Grandmas and Uncle we lost, some with more warning than others, and how much I ache, missing them here on earth with me. I am sad none of those who have gone got to meet my baby in the flesh, though I'm sure many were with him before. I miss their laughs, I miss their love and I miss having them here in my life.

I can't help also thinking of this crazy house we have and all that has come with it, for good or for... less good :) I think of our neighbors, our church responsibilities and all of the other things that have changed just because we moved a few miles south. Just over a year ago we had tenants that were some of our best friends, not to mention family and now, we have wonderful tenants in a totally different place, yet it's just not the same. At least Robert and Beth moved too, so its not like it's our 'fault' that one changed :D

I can't help also thinking of all of the beauty and growth of this year. Another pregnancy, this time with a toddler in tow! A beautiful boy that is healthy and oh so VERY very happy! A joyful, dancing, singing, performing, dirt-playing, every-day dress wearing 2 year old that offers a new reason to laugh (or cry :) about every 20 minutes. I also can't believe she finally has hair! And it's oh so cute too! (even if it is out-of-control nap hair! :D)

Mostly, I can't stop thinking of how grateful I am... grateful for my family...near and far, immediate and less so...grateful for my children and husband that I love more every day... grateful for my brother getting ready to deploy, even though I'm scared... grateful for new friends, new responsibilities.... new chances to honor and remember and reflect on the lives of those who have passed - to remember stories they told, try recipes they made, learn more about the lives they lived and hopefully live to be with them again someday.

Believe it or not... it's only been a year.


Doug said...

Your new house has become hostess heaven. I don't know how you manage to put up and feed all the visitors.
You should get a guest book and make everyone sign in so you can keep track of all the people who pass through.
Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

Wendy said...

Happy One Year to you guys and your house!

Anne said...

It's been a long couple of years around here, too! You should come visit or we should come visit you before we head east!

Unas Tontarias said...

Haha - thanks Dad - Truly, we're only able to do it because we have such wonderful guests that don't mind if they're sleeping on a bed sometimes on the floor in a gutted room over scrap-pieces of carpet thrown down to keep people from falling in the holes made to blow in insulation - WOW that really sounds bad now that I wrote it all out! Like I said, we have very patient guests! :D

One thing I didn't mention is how we are also so very extremely grateful for such wonderful friends like Wendy, Anne, Brooke, Katie and others that have been there to help either physically, emotionally or both! We would be much worse off without our amazing tried and true friends by our side!

Anne, you are welcome ANY time! I would LOVE to make it to Colorado but I'm not sure I'll make it... we should talk though and come up with a plan-I definitely want to meet up before you get even further away!