Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Bears... Oh my!

So, I know this is a random thing to post and I don't want to seem needy. It's just a lot of people have been asking about what we need for this soon to be born little man, and since not a ton of people see this blog anyhow, I figured this might be a discreet place to post a list :)

So here we go!
First of all, we am registered at Walmart and Babies R Us, though in truth, I think Target has some of the cutest baby stuff!
Really, what we need is anything BOY! :D We have so much pink, girlie stuff and I LOVE it!! However, I'm not sure Baby Boy Heaton would be happy to look back at his baby pictures and seem himself adorned in pink! :D Here are a few ideas:

Boy outfits, ranging from 0-24 months
Boy Bath towels and washcloths
Receiving Blankets & burb clothes that aren't pink :)
Boy Swaddlers/burrito making blankets for sleeping (they ususally have some velcro or something to help out with the swaddling
We have a few bigger blankets that are yellow, but a blue one or two wouldn't hurt either :)

Other things we need:
A new changing table cover (we registered for one or two at Babies R Us)
A hamper
Diapers & wipes! (we love Huggies brand, but will try whatever!)
Other baby care/cleaning/medical supplies that you always need on hand -lotion, bath soap, tylonal, etc. Unfortunately, we usually use Aveno, Aquafor and other scent free supplies since Priya's skin seems to indicate we'll have 'sensitive' children :)
Soothie passifiers
Bassinet sheets/extra crib sheets

Other ideas:
Baby Mat for tummy time
Boopie cover that's not pink
Same with a nursing cover!
Car seat toys
Boy hats! - baseball, beach, whatever!
A simple dinner scheduled for some time after the baby is born
A weekend get away for 2 ;)
Anything else your wonderful mommy brains come up with!

I'm sure I've forgotten things and I know we've registered for a couple more decorative items at Babies R Us. Really and truly though, we're just grateful to have friends and family to celebrate this special time with-We are blessed to have the people around us we do! A call, note, email or even facebook message or blog comment with congrats is plenty! - anything else is just extra!

My friend was kind enough to give us her old bedding set, which is adorable! Here's a link to it if you're looking for some inspiration.
His room is beige, brown and white (with a pink wall his sister will be sure to dominate :) Her stuff is cream, white, brown and pink)

Again, thank you for even thinking of us! We are just excited/nervous for our new arrival and can't believe he'll be here so soon!!

With love - PB&J + 1

(oh, why the title? well, I kind of like jungle animals for his stuff, but not super bright, crazy colors-though I like receiving blankets that are blue and brown, even if they're bright! just not bright green for some reason... I know, totally random! Sorry! Maybe I'll rename this post when I come up with something better :)

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