Saturday, February 27, 2010


Never have I really had a place to put kids books... until now!!! Joe just built these uber cute shelves (with a little Bree inspiration) and I LOVE them! He even used the router my dad gave him for the first time as well - thanks dad! No more books on the floors, getting destroyed because they didn't have a home!! Now it's just time to fill them, which we get to work on Monday as we head to Barns and Noble with Wendy and Sophie to use a birthday gift card from Onny and the M's! Can't wait!!If you look close, you can even get a glimpse of the 2nd poll Joe put in the closet to fit Priya's and the baby's clothes, as well as the top of 2 shelves for toy bins! Look at us get organized!
Thankfully, we had TONS of help from Craig & Deann -she's helped me organize and sort everything from Priya's baby clothes to boy clothes she and Katie brought over so our kid wouldn't go naked or have to wear pink! ;) They're all hand me downs, but who cares! At least we don't have to buy a complete wardrobe for him and its cute!
Craig also helped do a ton of stuff from patch the ceiling and wall to wire lights in our hallway! WOOHOO!! Maybe we've got a shot at getting this place in shape before baby boy comes after all!
Thanks 'team'! If it were all up to me, this poor kid would be up a creek! :D


Wendy said...

The book shelves turned out so cute! I love the READ choice.

Pam said...

Those are soo adorable!!! I love how they turned out! What a great idea to use the letters as book ends! You're so inspiring! =)

Unas Tontarias said...

Believe it or not, JOE actually suggested using the letters! I had bought a few similar ones to put on the wall and we were struggling with what to use as bookends - well, lets just say I am so glad he came up with the idea! thanks girls!

jed-laura said...

I love the book shelf, Great Idea, mind if I steal it?
miss ya,

Unas Tontarias said...

Please do!
<3 Bree