Saturday, May 02, 2009

Time to Catch You Up!

The biggest news is WE'VE moved!!

"Where to?" you ask

"Why, to an apt  just down the street!" we reply

"I thought you were buying a house?" you ask

"We are" we say


Ok, so as you may guess, it's a bit complicated - however, so far the news is all good!!  Though we didn't close on our new place before we sold the old one, we ARE getting the house put an offer in on in December!  We are so excited (and a bit scared) but we know the Lord has DEFINITLY been guiding us and helping things fall into place... eventually! :D

When do we move in?  we don't know

When do we close?  Soon

Where have we been living?  well, around :)  My parents, niece, uncle, sister and her family all came out to help us pack up and move - (THANKS EVERYONE!!!)  They, along with my brothers that live in Utah all helped out INCREDIBLY!  Without them, moving could have been a VERRRRRRRRY long process!

We sold our place on Tues the 14th of April, but my fam was in town till Sat so we spent a few days at a hotel, with joe going to work during the day and priya and I chillin with the family!  We did some Great stuff, including Tucanos and Lil Sahara where we had an AMAZING time on the sand-dunes!

On Saturday Priya and I headed back to the Mid-West with my parents and uncle, leaving Joe behind to stay at his sister Rachie's house! (Thanks Rachie!)

Back in Wisconsin, Priya and I spent a ton of time with her cousins and grandparents, including a visit from Mom & Pop Heaton with Auntie RISSY!  Priya even made a new friend when we met up with my grade-school pal Christy Has-an-Itch (lol - sorry Christy!) and her daughter Rachel - what a cutie!  Priya LOVED seeing her cousins and was convinced she was one of the big kids!  She mastered stair climbing-and even decending-and was 'running' around the playground like a big kid!  She doesn't believe me when I tell her she's still a baby and especially doesn't seem to listen when I tell her she should just lay still and cuddle like she did when she was just a blanket burrito :(  Maybe if I give her a good talking to... no?  hm...

Well, Auntie Alysse flew out to Wi the end of the week and Monday we and she flew back to Utah.  Now I'm back on the same street, still not in a place of my own, but at least we're getting closer!  For now we're enjoying life in a cul-de-sac (Priya is a NUT and bangs on the front window waiting to run out and play with all the kids here) and dreaming and planning of everything we want to do in our soon-to-be new home!

Wish us luck!  We can't wait till you can come visit us in our new place!  For now, we'll just have to get you a few photos, but I think you'll agree it should be a fun place to hang out!



Que Sera said...

You're at least one step closer, right? I'm just glad I was able to help make Springville cool and you'll close sooner than you know it! Let me know when/if you need help moving back and cleaning. I am most definitely an expert at that after 2 years of custodial. :)

One Vote said...

Homeless no more. That's good.
We do hope you can find a little space in the new place to move in while you work on the rest.
It was great to see Priya and Bree last Saturday!
~Dad H

Unas Tontarias said...

U Know it Rachie! We just wanted to be closer to the COOL crowd! ;)
We also might be very grateful to take advantage to your enormous amount of skill! We'll keep you posted!

We were SO happy to see you guys as well, Dad! Hope to see you again soon!