Thursday, May 14, 2009

A.I. thoughts

Ok, so we don't have TV right now, right? So, since Joe and I are American Idol fans, we decided to do like any self-respecting 'young person' of today would do and search youtube for the songs from Tuesday. After some searching, we found them and life is good, right? Not quite-

As we were listening I made the mistake of taking a look at some of the comments (note to self, never read youtube comments!) Anyway, I was ... disappointed and truly upset to see so much hate towards Adam. Of course, there was lots of praise as well, but seriously?

You know, even if you REALLY dislike his voice, style, even look... fine - go ahead and say that. "I think he's pitchy (dog)" "Mmm.. falsetto really isn't my style" "His clothes are kind of wack" - Fine - you have a right to your opinions - we all do and if you feel you must share then, fine. But to attack him or anyone Personally, and especially in a public form, just isn't ok.

We all do it - the basketball player we think is a jerk, the movie star we think is a tramp... but just because we all do it, does that mean its ok?

You know, I don't know Adam personally - I don't know what he does when the AI cameras aren't on him and I don't know what kind of life he lead before, Nor Do I Really Care... I Do, however, know that he is a child of a loving God. I also know that as far as I can tell, he seems like a respectful and kind person-a humble guy with an Enormous amount of talent and I don't feel he deserves to be bashed simply because some people feel insecure about the fact he can hit a high B flat and at times wears Jonny Dep eyeliner to help fill his roll as 'rocker'. He is still a Person and that title alone means he deserves respect.

At least, that's what I think...


Wendy said...

When I saw the title post, I thought you were going to be writing all about the results show. I don't know what youtubers are saying about Adam, but now that you mention it, I am not going to look it up! Are you looking forward to next week as much as I am?! Want to come over and watch with me?

Boyd Box said...

I have my own opinions and my likes a dislikes, but I must agree, slamming on someone is not what the competition is about. We (as in "the American viewing public"...not necessarily myself) are choosing an artist based on that talent and the market for such talent. And, those of us who are sad that a certain contestant got fewer or more votes can't complain too much while we silently watch and don't vote. =) I will be interested to see how it pans out...and, I AM rooting for the underdog.

Sarah said...

I don't like Adam. I don't see anything new or amazing about him.

But then, America will buy anything, look at our other voted leaders...

D and S Heaton said...

I think what people are doing is judging Adam on personality. He comes off as full of himself.
Lots of people like the underdog and Adam has never acted like that.
When it comes to "nice" Danny Gokey was the winner.
As for a performer being egotistical, who'd a thunk it? That's show biz.
It was interesting to watch the British version of a talent show (a la Susan Boyle). Not exactly the same format, but it highlights the talent without all the trappings of American Idol.
Simon was saying it's all about singing, but the AI contestants obsess over choreography, make-up, hair styles, and costumes.
And we all get annoyed with the contestant who reminds us every week, "I'm gonna win this."
So, what I'm saying is that people vote for who they "like" and that means different things to different people.
Some folks are rather crass when they share their opinions. (Me too sometimes, though not about singers.)
~Dad H

Unas Tontarias said...

With the risk of seeming vain, I'm going to quote myself from something I said on facebook
"...No matter what you think of Adam or his style of singing, that boy understands music like no one else in the competition! Its just internal for him! Does that mean you have to vote for him if you don't like his style? Of course not -but no doubt that boy has pipes! :D"
I actually don't fine adam to be full of himself - I guess 'indulgent' is a good word for him when he's singing, but when he's not, I think he has always behaved with an incredible amount of poise and humility that is rare in an American idol-
One last thought - I think there is a HUGE difference between being critical of the job someone is doing and slamming them personally- just my thoughts :D Thanks for reading, friends!

Brooke said...

I skipped this post because I wasn't following AI but now that I read it I realize it's not about AI at all. Great commentary!! :)