Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Hmmm... Dad Heaton just posed a good question... Now that we have our new home, what should we call it?  When we first moved into our last home, my mom affectionatly called it the 'Heaton Hilton' and I was convinced one day she'd ship us a sign with that title, since we always seemed to have someone staying in our guest room.

While charming as the 'Heaton Hilton' might be, I think this new home could use a fresh name...perhaps the Homestead doesn't need the name Heaton in it at all... Any suggestions?  It's not 'the Lodge' as I see every other day on a house I pass... 'The Palace' seems a little over-the-top, even though its size might qualify it for that title...

We'll take a vote!  Suggest any and all names you think of - good, bad, funny, sad... we'll take them all!  Then we'll have a vote!  I'd LOVE to see what Abby and Kim come up with, along with all the other 'witty' Heatons! :D

So friends and family, take a stab!  What should we name our pad, so fab?


Brooke said...

Hacienda Heaton!!

The Smith Family said...

no ideas for a house name, but the pictures are great! It looks like a beautiful home that you can stay in forever. I'm sure Priya will love growing up there. Best of luck to you guys!
Malinda :D

D and S Heaton said...

Rose is a good start.
How about Rosewood?
Or Roseland?
Or Roseville?
Or Rose Castle?
Joe can plant some roses. Maybe even an arbor with climbers.
He can grow them, you know. It's a latent gene he has from LaVell.
Dad H

Unas Tontarias said...

you know, I just found a climbing rose there last sat! not quite sure its enough to go with a rose theme but... :) I actually got a whole BUNCH of names from R&Bs friend Jonathan, so I'll have to post sometime soon! Thanks for the ideas, folks!