Monday, March 23, 2009

Nummy Num Num

So Baby P has hit a few more landmarks, at least when it comes to communication! Sat. she started saying Please! Ok, it sounds more like Bees, but you get the idea! She also started saying Yummy about a week ago whenever she gets hungry. How did she learn to say yummy? Well, my mom got her this great play cube that she bought because of the Spanish features - she thought it would be cute, especailly since her mommy speaks Spanish, if lil P picked up a few words as well! Well, she for sure has learned a few words, though I'm sure they're not the ones my mom was thinking! Instead we get "Yummy, Nummy, Nummy..." repeated loud and fast whenever she wants food! Its actually pretty cute... most of the time ;)

She also holds conversations either with you or by herself or with the cell phone ALL of the time! She's such a little chatter-box! And a ham too! Whenever there's someone new around, as long as she's at home, she reaches out for them, flirts with them, makes noises to get them to look at her... it's hillarious :) If we're away from home, she's a little shyer, at least for the first few minutes. After that, well, you get the idea!

I love my little turkey! She's such a sweatheart - and cheeseball to boot! Maybe she got some of my wisconsin flare after all! ;)

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D and S Heaton said...

When she starts saying, "foosball" it's time to take action. It is so fun to watch them grow.
~Dad H