Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Priya is a phone ADDICT! This is from last Saturday while she was sick- TODAY she sent her first text! Her aunt Deann felt honored to be the first recipient!


D and S Heaton said...

Wait'll she learns to order pizza. Then it won't be so cute.

Anne said... don't think she has watched her parents on their cell phones a little? ;) Kids seem to figure out the phone so fast! Andrew and Sarah love to get the phone but they haven't figured out how to unlock the cell phone and text. WTG Priya!

The Mason Family said...

So cute! Rhys is obsessed with phones too. He has 2 of our old cell phones and a winnie the pooh talking phone, but he still HAS to have whatever phone we happen to be talking on at the time. We can't make calls anymore without him yelling and climbing all over us until he gets to talk and push buttons.